Got a job Sept 17th.
Sore throats suck.
I get decent hours for just starting.
first week 22.
This week 29.
Hopefully I'll get more as I earn them.
I miss Kyo


I got a phone. I feel like an ass cause I do what I hated/couldn't stand.
Using the text option is easier then talking.
I need a job.
the internet sucks

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Handwritten a two page note apologizing/explaining things to "S" then threw it away cause my words are a waste of time. Took my whole work break on that.
Last night... may have fractured my toe"electric tape" splint.
I'm a dumb-ass.

wtf is wrong with my mind?

Terrifying nightmare:Setting:Septa?I'm sitting
next to 3 gangster wannabe guys&3 girls across from me.Minding my
own business.All of a sudden one guy shouts."DAMN SHIT IF SHE CAN'T POP
DIS SHE CAN'T POP SHIT"The guys then start showing phone recordings
of rap vid girls"shaking it" GIRLS RESPONSE:DAMN LOL,MY
RESPONSE:...uh...D:*At this point my first person view shifts to 3rd and
I see myself facepalm the camera...


Not that anyone cares but I'm completely lost on GoldHeart.
I'm at burnt ruins and afterward I see two pokemon faces on my map. Level 50.
No guides are far enough to explain this.
WRYYYYYYYYYy. Am I supposed to catch them?
Besides that it's raining. I'm drawing more...kinda.
Shit is rushed as always.
I spent time though on a picture at work. Really need to photo slam it and post it.

Self portrait without me looking at myself.
Really need to draw other people.
Really need a desk though.. drawing with a tablet on floor is a bitch.

Too lazy to upload. Well imageshack is a beetch.
And I'm not sure anyone reads this anyway sore he is just one of them
here is a crapload of them. Directly from fb links

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